We created an amazing town for you and yours!

We found remains of a stone bridge at the crossing of a stream, the basement of what was a tower of perhaps 15 meters of height, we discovered some arches of what should have been the hull of a house ... and we decided to restore them for you and yours!

Created a community in this privileged spot, with an amazing view of the Chapala Lake, we could create a town that has the stories and vestiges of a place once inhabited by settlers who created a community with wonderful cobbled streets, whitewashed houses and squares in where they could share their stories and lives ... and we did! We created Poblado Ribera del Cardenal.

This new housing development creates magical urban spaces that have never been seen before. Children can play freely in the beautiful squares and safely designed streets instead of spending their days watching TV.

Grandparents can walk safely here and relax in newly designed green spaces, where young people will have numerous opportunities to participate in various outdoor activities at the urban spaces which have a rich history hidden in its streets and squares. Now we have rebuilt it for you and yours!

Work Progress

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